Mei Kwei Lew 250ml

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  • 250
  • 54.0
  • 13.5
    Alcohol Units
  • Distilled liquor

  • Tianjin China

  • Rose scent,The nose

  • light sweet-smell,moderate

  • Golden Star

Products details

  • Rose, barley, wheat, sorghum, water, sugar, peas
  • forever
  • Soak, ferment, distillation
  • Rose dew wine has the effect of nourishing blood and complexion, softening the liver and awakening the stomach, etc. It is good for health if you drink it properly on weekdays. It can also be served as an after-dinner wine or mixed into a variety of cocktails. In addition, the rose wine as a seasoning for cooking, can be widely used with a variety of fish, meat ingredients, delicious taste, endless aftertaste.
  • Any time of the year
  • 25 to 60
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe
  • Ice cubes taste better in cold drinks or at room temperature, and can be used as a cocktail base to blend with other juices or drinks
  • Serve with meat or seafood, or as a kitchen seasoning to make sausages, etc
  • Italy, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, the United States, Belgium, etc


The honorary product of Tianjin Food Import and Export Co., LTD., Venus brand rose wine, founded in 1326, is a traditional Chinese famous wine, has been sold well in the international market for more than 100 years, has won many awards.

Story or myth

We select high-quality roses with an average altitude of over 800 meters in northwest China and pick fresh roses with dewdrops before sunrise. We soak them in high quality grain and wine produced by our company, and store them sealed in crocks for at least two years before filling them. The Venus rose produced by this process is fragrant and fragrant. It is a pure natural green product, which makes people fondly love it.

Flow chart


1985 - "Gold Laurel" award of France international Food and Tourism Commission
1985 - Gold medal of the 4th International Beverage and alcohol Quality Appraisal In Spain
Gold medal of the 12th International Food Exposition in Paris, France



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