FAQ About Taiwan Moutai Liquor

Q1 - the difference between Taiwan Moutai and Guizhou Moutai?Taiwan Moutai liquor and Guizhou Moutai liquor were born from the same root and were brothers to each other. It can be said that Taiwan Moutai is the continuation of Guizhou Moutai.In 1949, when the Kuomintang government retreated to Taiwa..

Chinese Spirits changes its name to“Chinese Baijiu”

China Chinese Baijiu Association issued a news report that the China Liquor Association formally submitted to the Customs General Administration in April 25, 2020 that it had changed its English name from the original "Chinese distilled spirits" to "Chinese Baijiu" in the customs catalogue. In April..

FAQ about Japanese Sake

Q1 - Is the colour of alcohol more yellow than usual?Squeezed sake has a pale yellowish hue. This is due to the ingredients of rice, which is the raw material, and the ingredients produced by fermentation. Junmai shu with Junmaishu, the ingredients are rich, and the colour is deeper if the aging per..

The health function of Shaohsing chiew

Shaoxing wine can not only be made into various high-quality medicinal wines, but also has direct medicinal effects. Ancient medical scholars attached great importance to the medical function of wine. The Essentials of Health Preservation said: “Drinks by dividing the medicines, promoting harmony, ..

Please give Chinese Yellow Wine a change

Yellow rice wine originated in China and only exists in China. As early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties thousands of years ago, our ancestors first created the compound fermentation method of distiller's yeast, and began to brew a large number of yellow rice wine.In ancient costume films, we oft..

Why callled Chinese Yellow Wine

The origin of the name of Chinese Yellow Wine (Rice Wine) as the name suggests, is yellow wine. So some people translate the name of yellow rice wine into "yellow wine". But yellow wine is not always yellow. In ancient times, when the filtration technology of wine was not mature, the wine was cloudy..

Story of Taiwan Shaohsing chiew

Shaoxing wine was once their glory and was once known as the "national wine". In the era of the two Presidents Jiang, they were always designated as the fine wine for foreign guests at state banquets. The Chinese people like to treat guests with Shaoxing wine when celebrating banquets. They think th..

What kinds of bottle can keep wine longer and better?

There are three kinds of wine bottles: glass bottle, pottery bottle and porcelain bottle.Chinese people like ceramic wine bottle most, because the shape of ceramic wine bottle is simple and has the feeling of our traditional Chinese culture. But why do most businesses use glass bottles?First of all,..

Why is Chinese Spirits called "Baijiu"

Baijiu, as the name suggests, is named after its colorless transparent liquid.In fact, before the founding of new China, there was no uniform baijiu. In the past, Chinese Baijiu was also called "wine", "white wine" and "sorghum wine".Shaojiu - it is the liquor produced by heating and distilling the ..

Alcoholic Liquid poem

This poem was originally written in Chinese Language. we are still working hard for the translation.

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