Sawanotsuru Sake Museum, Kobe

The entrance of Sawanotsuru's Sake Museum, the only museum in Nada dedicated to the fine arts of sake brewing.

Sakagura (Old Japanese Sake brewery), the Sawanotsuru Sake Museum was opened in Kobe, Japan, November 1978, with the aim of leaving the history of sake-brewing to future generations. In March 1980, both the Museum and the sake brewing tools held within it were designated as a "Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property" by the Hyogo Prefecture.

In the Great Hanshin earthquake, the museum was completely destroyed. Realising the importance that this had on Sake culture, Sawanotsuru were determined to rebuild the structure to its former glory. With the passionate support of the people, including the city, the museum was reopened 3 years later in March 1999, designed to make the new museum earthquake-proof to prevent any future casualties. In the museum, you can watch a nice video movie which shows you the way the tools were used. (English version available by request)

Entry to the museum is free, making it a popular destination amongst sake enthusiasts.

Here are several photos taken at the Sawanotsuru Sake Museum's 2008 sake tasting event.

Inside the main hall of the museum, where you can see the words "Sawanotsuru" inscribed in Japanese in the middle.

People queuing up to taste some samples of sake.

Public satisfaction.

"Come try some of our Sawanotsuru sake!"