Sawanotsuru Awards

Mondes Selection Awards 2007 Grand Gold Medal The Crystal Prestige Trophy 2007 for 10 Years of High Quality. Mondes Selection Awards 2008 Gold Medal Mondes Selection Awards 2012 Gold Medal

Sawanotsuru continuously strives to improve the quality of their sakes and each and every year enters its best products into the Monde Selection Awards.

"Sawanotsuru Co., Ltd. assumes received many prizes in MONDE SELECTION and brings more encouragement. Sawanotsuru employs the best brewing technique, makes use of natural features, drawing out the rich taste of the rice to produce some of the finest products. With a rich taste and a crisp finish, this is a perfect example of the true taste of Japanese Sake."

- Takaharu Nishimura, President of Sawanotsuru Co., Ltd., Japan

Over the years, Sawanotsuru has achieved many award for their sakes. Deservedly amongst many sakes, the Daiginjo Zuicho succeeded in winning the Grand Gold Medal and for its Honjozo Genshu, the Gold Medal. Both sakes are many of our multi-award winners as an affirmation of their quality and their taste. Recently, one of our new products, the Yamada Nishiki, managed to win a Silver Medal in 2008. This sake is an up-and-coming star and should be tried by sake-lovers alike.

Even better, the 46th World Selection of Spirits and Liqueurs (2007) saw that Sawanotsuru Co. Ltd winning the highly acclaimed Crystal Prestige Trophy! This is a deservedly the best recognition of Sawanotsuru Co.'s efforts to sustain and progressively improve the quality of its Sake for the last 10 years.

In all, the general Sawanotsuru range has won the Grand Gold Medal 5 times and the Gold Medal 41 times! The following chart is a list of # the awards won by 3 of our more popular and successful Sawanotsuru brands in the last 5 years.

As such, we at Cathay Importers are proud to be partners of Sawanotsuru Co. Ltd in bringing Sake in for the masses in the UK to enjoy such a product of the upmost quality.