JUICE Pineapple Juice

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  • Compound drink

  • New Zealand

  • Rich pineapple flavor

  • Refreshing and refreshing, pineapple has high purity

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Products details

  • Water, sugar, pineapple juice, flavor, etc.
  • 18 months
  • Vitamin supplement; personal and party drinks
  • Any time of the year
  • Retail
  • All ages
  • Ice cubes taste better in cold drinks or at room temperature
  • Drink alone
  • Europe, America, Canada, Australia
  • New Zealand


JUST JUICE is a juice brand from Australia and New Zealand. Currently, L and 2.8L are the first to enter the Chinese market. Each product: no preservatives; no artificial coloring; high vitamin C. Possess popular flavors like orange, apple, orange and mango. The original juice content is 99.9% high. Strictly selected high-quality fruits as raw materials, produced with its manufacturing process in New Zealand and passed strict local hygiene standards. It is based on apple juice and does not contain preservatives and coloring additives. It is formulated with a variety of natural fruit juices. The flavors are different. The 99.9% content of natural juice. The mixed juice is a natural juice made from apple juice as the base and various high-nutrient fruits.

Story or myth

New Zealand imported Just juice, customs declaration form, health certificate and other documents are complete. Just juice has the highest sales volume in New Zealand and Australia all year round. It can be said that anyone who has been to New Zealand or Australia knows this juice brand, and its influence can be imagined. Just juice ) The juice is rich in vitamins, which meet the daily needs of the human body, and does not contain any artificial coloring and other additives.

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