Earl Grey Plum Wine 300ml

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  • 300
  • 11.0
  • 3.3
    Alcohol Units
  • Plum Wine

  • Takata Prefecture, Japan Japan

  • fragrant and sweet

  • Fresh and smooth taste of sweet and sour

  • Sawanotsuru

Products details

  • Black tea, plum, water
  • See Bottle Cap
  • Step 1: prepare green plum base wine. Step 2: prepare black tea powder. Step 3: prepare black tea powder and oolong tea soaking solution. Step 4: mix black tea and green plum wine. Step 5: filter black tea and plum wine.
  • Drinking
  • Summer
  • 20-60 years old
  • All regions
  • It's also very good for matching cheese and chocolate. When drinking, adding a little fresh milk will make the plum wine smoother. In a moment, the milk tea will be silky and full-bodied. However, it is suggested that the content of fresh milk should
  • Takata Prefecture, Japan


Under the influence of the West during the Meiji Restoration in Japan, plum wine was mixed with English afternoon tea, but it was unexpectedly found that black tea and plum wine matched well. The sour and sweet taste of most plum wine is too prominent, which may be a burden to drink. But black tea can make the aroma more complex and balanced, and also make plum wine less sweet and greasy.

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Golden reward of Tianman Tianshen plum wine Conference



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