China Hua Diao 640ml

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  • 640
  • 18.0
  • 11.8
    Alcohol Units
  • Yellow rice wine fermentation

  • Zhejiang Province, China China

  • Mellow aroma unique to yellow rice wine

  • Mellow, soft and refreshing

  • Qinhu

Products details

  • Rice or glutinous rice
  • permanent
  • Drink with a meal, or Cooking
  • Autumn and winter are the best
  • Middle age, old age
  • Jiangnan area
  • Normal temperature is OK, warm drink in winter is better
  • China Domestically


One of the oldest wines in the world, originated in China, only in China. Together with beer and wine, it is known as the three ancient wines in the world. Originated in the Shang and Zhou dynasties in China, more than 3000 years ago, the Chinese people began to brew a large number of yellow rice wine with the original Jiuqu compound fermentation method.

Story or myth

In the folk, Zhejiang Huadiao wine is usually brewed in the year of her daughter's birth. After brewing, it is filled in a jar with painted patterns and patterns. This jar is commonly known as Huadiao, and this wine is Huadiao wine. Jiangnan has a long history of brewing Huadiao wine. According to the Qing Dynasty's notes "a sequel to the traces of the waves", there is "the best famous daughter wine. It is said that a rich family adopted a daughter, and at the beginning of the month, she brewed several jars until she went out, that is, she married with this wine. Its altar is often painted, which is called "Huadiao".

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