Taiwan Shao Hsing Chiew 600ml

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  • 600
  • 13.5
  • 8.1
    Alcohol Units
  • Yellow rice wine fermentation

  • Puli distillery in Taiwan Taiwan

  • The color of the wine is bright amber with strong aroma

  • The taste is gentle and delicate

  • Taijade

Products details

  • White round glutinous rice, white Penglai rice, wheat, water
  • permanent
  • It inherits the early traditional craft formula and is made by hand
  • In addition to direct drinking, it can also add fresh and sweet flavor to the dishes.
  • Suitable for all kinds of food and wine
  • Those who cook and drink directly are 40-65 years old
  • Direct drinking and cooking
  • Direct drinking or cooking Shaoxing drunk chicken, seafood and other indispensable seasoning
  • UK, Canada, Japan, Korea, USA, Malaysia
  • Puli distillery in Taiwan


Shaoxing wine is the oldest and oldest unique wine of the Chinese nation. It, together with beer and wine, is one of the world's three largest ancient wines. It has a long history of 5,000 years and has a cultural background of nearly 60 years in Taiwan. Shaoxing wine is a fermented wine with glutinous rice, Penglai rice and wheat as raw materials, and fermented with special yeast and distiller as saccharisation starter agent. The colour is yellow, clear and transparent, with a unique strong aroma, mellow and delicious, rich in nutrients.In Diao Ding Book, Shaoxing wine is compared with other local wines:Like the world's wine, there are a lot of ash, drinking it makes people thirsty, but Shaoxing wine alone; Most of the world's wine sweet, drink to make the human body full of stuffy, and the nature of Shaojiu aromatic mellow strong, walk and do not keep, so addicted to the top grade, not private comment also. This paper summarizes the characteristics of Shaoxing wine, which is sweet in taste, clear in colour, fragrant in aroma and mellow in strength. This shows that the four aspects of Shaoxing wine colour, aroma and flavour have been leading the way in wine.

Story or myth

For the staff of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, Shaoxing wine was once their pride, once known as the "National Wine". In the era of two Chiang presidents, Shaoxing wine was often designated as the best wine to entertain foreign guests at state banquets. The Chinese people liked to entertain guests with Shaoxing wine when they were having a happy banquet. This was the way to entertain guests, and the guests felt the joy and honour of being honoured as guests.

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1988 Monde selection Silver Award



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