Kao Liang Chiew 500ml

Gao Liang Jiu
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  • 500
  • 62.0
  • 31.0
    Alcohol Units
  • Distilled liquor

  • Tianjin China

  • The wine has a rich, rich aroma

  • Strong alcohol

  • Golden Star

Products details

  • Barley, wheat, sorghum, water, peas
  • Forever
  • Fermentation , distillation
  • Relieves fatigue and promotes metabolism
  • Any time of the year
  • 25 to 60 years old
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe
  • Ice cubes taste better in cold drinks or at room temperature, and can be used as a cocktail base to blend with other juices or drinks
  • With meat or seafood, or as a kitchen seasoning to remove odors, etc
  • Italy, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, the United States, Belgium, etc
  • Tianjin City of China


Golden Star brand high grain wine is the essence of traditional Chinese brewing technology. It is a unique qingxiang Daqu wine.

Story or myth

It is made of sorghum, a special product in North China, with barley, peas and wheat as raw materials. The brewing process is exquisite and strict, and it is refined through more than 100 processes such as grinding, fermentation, drawing and storage. It can only be filled and marketed after at least 2 years of storage. It has the characteristics of fragrant, mellow and harmonious, soft and long, happy and refreshing, moderate drinking can alleviate fatigue, promote metabolism, it is the top quality of wine. In addition, as the base wine of the same brand wujia skin wine and rose dew wine, it gives the product unique taste and excellent quality, which is the soul of Venus wine.

Flow chart




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