7 up (lemon soda) 330ml

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  • Compound drink

  • U.K UK

  • Fresh lemon flavor

  • Fresh and refreshing

  • Pepsi

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  • Water, high fructose corn syrup, food additives (carbon dioxide, citric acid, edible flavor, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, acesulhoney, sucralose).
  • Twelve months
  • Relaxation quench thirst, cool down
  • summer
  • 10 to 30 years old
  • young people
  • Ice cubes taste better in cold drinks or at room temperature
  • Drink alone
  • China
  • St. Louis, Missouri


7 Up was created by Charles Grigor, the founder of Howdy Corporation. Its previous product was Howdy Orange Soda. After more than 2 years of trying different formulas. Charles hopes the new formula will give consumers a different experience. He started producing his products two weeks before the 1929 financial crash. Charles never explained why the product was called 7UP. The most common statement is 7 and U, which means that 7-up contains seven spices and is hyper-carbonated.In the United States during the 1920s, the economy was so depressed that nearly 600 varieties of soda disappeared from the market. 7up survived the competition. Because of 7up's success, Charles renamed the company 7up.Next year, 7up will compete with Coca-Cola's Sprite. Sprite surpassed 7Up only in the 1980s. PepsiCo produced its own brand of lemonade Mountain Dew in the 1990s. 7up was losing sales due to its small market share, and PepsiCo was feeling the pressure from its rival Sprite, so it gave up the Mountain Dew brand and bought the overseas rights to 7up to save 7up and its own market share.

Story or myth

Pepsi Beverages' 7-Up brand is working hard to create the latest brand image. In July, 7-Up launched a new logo, new packaging and new advertising. This time 7xi changed the Chinese character for "qi" to the more easily identifiable number "7" in order to reflect the brand concept of "simpler is better". The number 7 logo, more stylish, younger, more appropriate to the language of consumers in the 80's and 90's. In order to give back to consumers who love 7-Up, 7-Up launched the "Just One More Bottle" national promotion in July with a winning rate of 27%, including a trip to the Maldives. The event may have the highest winning percentage ever for a beverage product promotion.What is: "cold 7 happy, 7 cool incomparable"? Yusong Cheng, PepsiCo's marketing director for fruit-flavored carbonated drinks, explains it this way: Every time you open a bottle of 7 Joy, it says, "7~~~." 7 represents the cool summer air (7) bubble, represents the air (7) of sharing. 7 Happy brand new launch, the number "7" as a symbol of cool, with clear lemon taste, rich natural bubbles, as well as a new refreshing packaging, to bring consumers multiple enjoyment, fully experience the cool atmosphere brought by 7 Happy. 7 xi believe: life is to be simple, simple will have more happiness, just enough cool. This is the brand declaration of 7 Joy for consumers "cool 7 Joy, 7 Cool".The new 7-Up AD, which can be seen on TV channels and websites recently, still offers a cool summer look, with a giant bubble of "7" to highlight the new logo. Produced by BBDO's Shanghai office, the advert was made with the help of Madonna's music video director Frederik Callinggard. Since the pronunciation of 7 happy is equivalent to the Chinese Valentine's Day, the activity must increase the association between 7 happy and the activity, to create 7 happy brand in the eastern Valentine's Day. Otherwise, people may only focus on the event itself and ignore the brand behind it. For example, we can let Mr.7 and Ms.7 couples interpret how to use 7xi drinks to express love, compile love stories related to 7xi, and create photos of couples witnessed by 7xi, etc., finally forming the trend of sending 7xi on Qixi Festival in the communication, and establishing a long-term relationship between 7xi and Chinese Valentine's Day. On Chinese Valentine's Day, we will encourage lovers to use 7 Joy as a new language to communicate love and inspire interaction.Make the numbers more interesting: the 27% winning rate of "Love 7" mystery

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