Tsing Tao 1903 bots 330ml

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  • 330
  • 4.7
  • 1.6
    Alcohol Units
  • Malt brewing

  • Qingdao, Shandong China

  • Light aroma of hops and malt

  • The entrance is very refreshing, delicious, throat moistening and comfortable. The entrance is very cool with the aroma of hops and the slight bitterness of barley in the middle

  • Tsingtao

Products details

  • High quality barley, rice, first-class hops and soft and hard moderate, clean and sweet Laoshan mineral water
  • 6 months
  • ISO9002
  • Saccharification, filtration, cooling, fermentation and packaging
  • Drink, cook
  • Summer
  • 20-60 years old
  • All regions
  • Drink after freezing
  • barbecue
  • Qingdao,Shandong


Tsingtao Brewery was founded in 1903. At that time, Qingdao was occupied by Germany, and British and German businessmen set up breweries to meet the needs of the occupying forces and the overseas Chinese. The name of the enterprise is "Germania brauerei Akt. - ges., TSINGTAU." the annual production capacity of the factory at the initial stage of construction is 2000 tons. The production equipment and raw materials are all from Germany. The product varieties include light beer and black beer. In Shanghai, Qingdao, Zhifu, Tianjin, Dalian with sales agent. At that time, the product quality was excellent. According to the book "Jiaozhou Bay" written by Hiroshi tanhara of Japan, "the beer produced by Qingdao joint stock company of Germanic beer company was exhibited at the Munich exposition in 1906 and won the gold medal."

Story or myth

"At that time, US President George H. Bush was a famous Chinese expert. He has lived in China for many years as a member of the ace "Flying Tigers" of the US air force, director of the US Liaison Office in China, and US ambassador to China. He knows a lot about Tsingtao beer.After arriving at the hotel, President Bush listened to the staff introduce the whole story and felt some apologies. However, he was very excited when he heard that the Tsingtao Beer delegation was leaving the room. He went into the dining room of the Tsingtao Beer delegation and said hello to the members of the delegation one by one. He apologized for occupying the room reserved by the Tsingtao Beer delegation. Mr. Bush also talked with the members of the delegation about his past with Tsingtao beer when he was in China. When he left, he held the hand of Zhang Jianhua, deputy director of the delegation, and said, "Tsingtao beer has built a bridge for the friendship and understanding between the people of the United States and China. We like Tsingtao beer! Thank you for your hard work What Bush said not only represents himself, but also expresses the true feelings of the American people. Half a month later, after returning to Qingdao, members of the delegation received photos with President Bush's autograph, which read: "best wishes! George Bush. " "

Flow chart


"In 1963, he won the gold medal at the national liquor review conference;
In 1984, it won the gold award of quality issued by the Ministry of light industry;
In 1987, Tsingtao beer won the gold medal of Mississippi international cocktail party;
In 1988, he won the gold award of China Food Expo, and the foreign exchange earning advanced enterprise award issued by the Ministry of light industry in the same year;
From 1991 to 1993, he won the gold medal in the competitions in Brussels, Belgium and Singapore;
On September 19, 1991, it won the first batch of "China famous trademark";
In 1993, he won the highest honorary Gold Award of Singapore International Beverage Expo;
In 1997, he won the 23rd International Venus Award - "outstanding company image and Quality Gold Award";
In 1999, the only Chinese mainland company was selected as the fifty largest brand in Asia.
In 2000, it was selected as the top ten most influential enterprises in China;
In 2001, it was rated as "the most respected enterprise in China";
In 2008, Tsingtao beer was selected as the No.1 brand of Chinese buyer satisfaction compiled by the world brand value laboratory, ranking 11th“



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