Budwiser bots 330

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  • 330
  • 4.5
  • 1.5
    Alcohol Units
  • Malt brewing

  • UK UK

  • The smell of hops is pleasant

  • The taste is delicious and the bitterness is mild

  • Budweiser

Products details

  • Good quality barley, rice, yeast, water and hops
  • 6 months
  • Malt crushing saccharification boiling filtration sedimentation cooling fermentation
  • drinking
  • Suitable for the whole year
  • 20-60 years old
  • All regions
  • Drink after freezing
  • UK


Budweiser is a famous beer brand in the world. It was born in the United States in 1876. Its founder is Adolphus Busch. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Budweiser officially entered the Chinese market in 1995, occupying an absolute dominant position in the super high-end beer market with its excellent quality.

Story or myth

"In 1852, a German immigrant named George Schneider founded a small brewery in St. Louis on the Mississippi River. Eberhart Anheuser, a soap manufacturer who is also a German immigrant, is one of its shareholders. In 1860, when the brewery encountered financial difficulties, Anheuser took the opportunity to acquire all the shares and became the sole owner of the brewery. In the same year, Adolf bush, a 21-year-old German immigrant, opened a brewery in St. Louis and became Anheuser's supplier.For Anheuser, who was born as a manufacturer, brewing itself is not a problem, but how to sell his products is quite difficult. Soon after taking over the brewery, he found that he owed a large sum of money to his supplier Adolf, even though the sales were not going up. At this time, Adolf just showed his interest in two things: the brewery and Anheuser's daughter Lily. In 1861, Adolf married Lily and went to work in his father-in-law's factory.In 1875, Adolf Bush became a partner, and the winery was officially renamed Anheuser Bush company. Five years later, old Anheuser died, and Adolf became the head of the family business.Unlike his father-in-law, young Adolf is very good at marketing. In the United States at that time, bottled beer could only be sold locally because there was no bottle packaging and refrigeration transportation equipment, and the product radius was generally not out of small towns. Therefore, breweries were all small-scale, and it was difficult to expand.Adolf decided to break the situation. He first set up chain beer houses in many places, then found his friend Carl Conrad and convinced him to sell his newly developed beer bottling technology to himself - with this technology, Adolf could ship beer to all parts of the country for sale.After the completion of these "hardware equipment", the next problem is even more challenging: because the original recipes of breweries in different places are different, so the tastes of customers in different places are also different. How to find a beer formula that can satisfy everyone, at least most people? For this reason, Adolf spent a lot of time traveling to Europe and tasting beer from different places, and finally found a beer formula in Czech Republic Budweiser, a wine that made him "amazing", is the famous Budweiser in the world. "

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