Sawanotsuru Plum Wine 720ml

1999 New Koshu Umeshu
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  • 720
  • 11.0
  • 7.9
    Alcohol Units
  • Plum Wine

  • KOBE, Hyogo JAPAN Japan

  • Fruity

  • Light Sweet and Plum sour

  • Sawanotsuru

Products details

  • Plum, Sake, Sugar, Acidity
  • Forever
  • The ripe plums were cleaned, drained, soaked (in glutinous rice wine), and sealed for three months
  • Drinking, Cooking
  • Spring,Summer
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • On the Rocks
  • Meat(especially pork)
  • Hong Kong
  • KOBE, Hyogo JAPAN


In 1717 (2 years of Xiangbao), zezhihe started his business in Xixiang, tanwuxiang, Japan. For hundreds of years, zezhihe Co., Ltd. adheres to the standards of "faithfulness and honesty", "creative efforts" and "close cooperation", and is committed to the development of sake industry in Japan. Its Japanese sake brewing technology has a history of 285 years. Its brands include "RUIZHAO", "Chunxiu", "Weifan", "Shulu", "Shiwu", etc. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of Japanese sake and its related products. The brand "zezhihe", named after Weiyuan, is customized according to different consumption levels, from red top Xinkou, which is suitable for home drinking, to a special selection for shangnu gift.

Story or myth

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a villager named yaosouweng in Yaojia village of Yanling County. Yao sou Weng has two unique skills: one is to plant green plum, the other is to brew green plum wine with green plum fruit. The green plum wine he brewed is as green as green tea, with strong aroma and unique taste. It has become a tribute of the imperial court. He has two sons and one daughter, Yao Huang, his eldest son, Yao Qing, his second son, and Yao Mei, his daughter. Yao Mei is smart and beautiful, clever and sensible. Yao sou Weng loves her most and regards her as the apple of her eye. Yao Mei grows up to 16 years old. She is very beautiful and has a faint fragrance of green plum flowers. She is famous for her beauty. As Yao grew older, he passed on the craft of planting blue and white plum to his eldest son, Yao Huang, and the craft of brewing wine to his second son, Yao Qing. Erzi is hardworking and has learned his craft, especially the wine made by Yao Qing. The palace was full of praise for his family's wine, which attracted a lot of people. When Cao Cao took emperor Xiandi Liu Xie of Han Dynasty to Xuchang, he simply ordered that besides the court, Yao Jiaqing plum wine should be supplied to the prime minister's residence.

Flow chart


National Umeshu Competition Silver Award(2019)



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