Taiwan Lychee Wine 600ml

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  • 600
  • 13.0
  • 7.8
    Alcohol Units
  • Part impregnation, part fermentation

  • Nantou Taiwan

  • Rich sweet fruit aroma

  • Lychee is delicate, sweet but not greasy

  • Taijade

Products details

  • Lychee, edible alcohol, sugar, water
  • Forever
  • Brewed at low temperature and matured after storage
  • Fruit wine
  • Suitable for all kinds of food and wine
  • 20—60years old
  • Chilled or Add a little ice
  • Single or with seafood, Chinese food, salad, etc
  • UK, Germany
  • Puli distillery in Taiwan


The word "litchi" came from the Western Han Dynasty, and the cultivation of Du Pei began in the Qin and Han Dynasties, and the prosperity of Zhi began in the Tang and Song dynasties. The ancient name is Lizhi, which means ready to eat.The history of litchi cultivation can be traced back to the period of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. Sima Xiangru's Shanglin Fu has been recorded. Because of its excellent flavor, it was deeply loved and listed as a tribute in Tang Dynasty or earlier. Du Mu's famous poem: "riding the princess of the red world to laugh, no one knows it's lychee", has been passed down through the ages. Su Dongpo's "eating 300 lychees a day, not resigning to be a Lingnan man" is also popular today.Later, it was brewed into litchi wine“

Story or myth

"In Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei not only loved litchi, but also litchi wine. In ancient times, there was a touching story about the drunkenness of the imperial concubine, but what is little known is that the most favorite wine of Yang Guifei's life is litchi wine, which was brewed in fushanling, Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province (now Genzi Town, Gaozhou City).According to legend, at that time, Yang Guifei had a strange disease called "body odor" every fifth day of May. She was sweating and smelly. This strange disease made Yang Guifei very upset. Tang Xuanzong also made a list of famous doctors in the world. However, there were few candidates, which made Yang Guifei lose weight day by day. Emperor Xuanzong's pain was in his heart, and his ministers were anxious, especially Gao Lishi. Later, Gao Lishi thought that since his hometown Gaozhou is the birthplace of litchi, and the litchi wine brewed by fushanling Jiuquan is famous for its unique function of dispelling evil spirits, eliminating diseases and strengthening the body, why not go back to his hometown and bring some litchi wine to the imperial concubine for tasting? Therefore, Gao Lishi immediately ordered a group of light riders in the palace to pick up lychee wine from fushanling, Gaozhou, and present it to Yang Guifei. Yang Guifei also can't wait to open the wine shop. The smell of wine immediately fills her heart and lungs, making her relaxed and refreshing. The imperial concubine was so pleasantly surprised that she immediately had a feast to drink. After drinking, Yang Guifei was so drunk that she went out of the banquet and began to dance in rainbow clothes and feather clothes. She was graceful and charming, and her mood was so moving that Tang Xuanzong and his ministers clapped their hands and applauded. The poet Li Bai wrote that "people want to dress, flowers want to look, the spring breeze blows the threshold and the dew is strong.". If it were not for the appearance of the jade mountain group, it would come to the eternal quatrains of "meet under the moon" in Yaotai. In addition, the story of "drunken Concubine" that "after drinking lychee wine, the dancing of rainbow clothes and feather clothes is not enough" has spread.What's more, how do you know that once the wine power of litchi was strong, the princess's "body odor" disease disappeared. The imperial concubine was even more excited, and immediately asked the emperor to add an official to Gao Lishi. It is said that later, Yang Guifei would go to "Huaqing pool" and "Haitang bath" every month to bathe in "litchi wine". The first is to drive away evil spirits and deodorize, and the second is to resist poison and nourish beauty. Later, the origin of "wine bath" came from Yang Guifei, and the service industry of "wine bath" has been preserved up to now. Strange to say, at that time, the litchi wine made in Gaozhou paid tribute to Yang Guifei every year, which made it famous as "Gaozhou wine" and "Luoyang paper". "

Flow chart


"2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Monde selection Silver Award"
2014 Monde selection Gold Award“



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