Jiang Xiao Bai 100ml

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  • 40.0
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    Alcohol Units
  • Distilled liquor

  • Chongqing, China China

  • Mellow and elegant, fruity and floral fusion, grains fragrance outstanding

  • The wine is soft, sweet and refreshing, pure and pleasant

  • Jiang Xiao bai

Products details

  • Water, sorghum
  • forever
  • Sorghum brewing, qingshi kiln fermentation
  • Drink to entertain
  • All seasons, suitable for friends to dine together
  • At the age of 18 to 30
  • The young man
  • For a cold drink or at room temperature, add Sprite or ice cubes
  • peanuts
  • Australia, South Korea
  • Chongqing Jiangji Winery


Jiang Xiaobai is a delicate sorghum wine with red and glutinous sorghum as a single raw material. Jiang Xiaobai's sayings with the "Jiang Xiaobai" "small white body" words in the light rail, the network on the hot streets.

Story or myth

Jiang Xiaobai from the beginning of the establishment of their own positioning as a young consumer brand, in several years of brand deep cultivation has also been oriented to the young market, in the copy is the young people's mood as the main outlet.Jiang Xiaobai found the right positioning of the young also grasp the "youth flow pool" highland, this "flow pool" the audience is very wide, and the development prospect in the liquor market is very big, Jiang Xiaobai went this precedent, and tasted sweet. Then thousands of thousands of "Jiang Xiaobai" gallop and come, however Jiang Xiaobai has built his rampart and castle, other products to come over to share a bonus is not so easy.Obviously, can resonate in "copy" on the one hand, this Jiang Xiaobai is have enough advantage of the brand in the market, but the writing itself has very strong propagation properties and low production cost, in the present marketing communications activities, its low threshold for more brands started pouring in, a sharp increase of the amount of information also greatly increase the cognitive load of consumers, the original advantage may be wiped out, visible, copywriting alone is not a brand development sustainable.Jiang Xiaobai has long realized this, young people like things on the big tricks, opened up a new road.When a liquor company plays with a new youth cultureMany people think that baijiu is something that the older generation drinks and is not available to the younger generation. But in the adolescent Jiang Xiaobai, to the traditional wine culture to a rebel, so that baijiu can become fashionable, young label.Here in Jiang Xiaobai, baijiu no longer represents a kind of redundant wine table culture, but a real emotional catharsis. Young people like to drink Jiangxiaobao, finished the sayings on the photos, this time can homeopathy, can also confided, true, not pretend, this is the wine culture belongs to young people.

Flow chart


In the 2017 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), BAI, Jiang Xiaobai won the "Silver Award" and "Silver Award" of IWSC liquor-spirit category respectively for four products, namely "Gold Standard" and "three five Best Friends", "Golden Youth Edition" and "S100".

In the 2017 Brussels International Spirits Competition, "Jiang Xiaobai Se300" and "Golden Youth Edition" won the gold medal, and "Pure Sorghum Liquor" won the silver medal.

In the 2017 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Tasting Competition, Jiang Xiaobai's "Golden Youth Edition" won the "Grand Prize", "Road", "Simple Sorghum Wine", "S300" and "Gold Standard" won silver prizes respectively.

In the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Jiang Xiaobai's "Zhang Xiaobai" product won double gold medal, Jiang Xiaobai's "S100", "Golden Youth Edition", "three five Best Friends", "You Lu" and "Black Label" five products all won silver medal, and Jiang Ji winery's "handmade fine sorghum wine Blue five Star" won bronze medal.

In the 2018 Brussels International Spirits Competition, Jiang Xiaobai "Black standard pure flavor 168" "35° Pure Sorghum Wine" won the gold medal, while Jiang Ji Winery "Blue Five Star" "handmade refined sorghum wine" won the Gold medal and silver medal respectively.

In the 2018 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Tasting Competition, Jiang Xiao-bai's "Half-and-half", "Black standard pure flavor 168", "Simple Sorghum Wine" and "Gold Medal Youth edition" all won silver prizes, Jiang Xiao-bai's "S100" won bronze prize, and Jiang Ji's "handmade fine sorghum wine 508" and "Blue Five Star" won special prize, Gold prize and silver prize respectively.



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