Kweichow Moutai 500ml

Feitian Moutai
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  • 500
  • 53.0
  • 26.0
    Alcohol Units
  • Distilled liquor

  • Guizhou China

  • Strong bouquet, maotai-style

  • The palate is thick, with a long aftertaste. The empty glass has a long lingering aroma, especially after several years.

  • Feitian

Products details

  • Sorghum, water, wheat
  • Forever
  • Ferment, cooking
  • All appropriate, suitable for entertaining guests
  • 30 to 60 years old
  • Best liquor in China
  • Drink alone, warm wine to 21℃~35℃
  • Drink alone
  • France, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea
  • Guizhou,China


It is said that in the ancient Dayu era, puren, an indigenous inhabitant of The Chishui River, was good at brewing wine.During the Han Dynasty, there was "goji liquor" in Maotai town today. "Zunyi Prefecture annals" contains: goji sauce, the beginning of wine. Sima qian in "historical records" records: jianyuan six years (before 135), the emperor made Tang Meng to south Vietnam, Tang Meng drink to nanyue (today) in maotai renhuai county area compose sauce produced by drunken, bring it back to changan, laid the emperor, the emperor drank "sweet", and left a "Tang Meng drink compose sauce and make the yelang" legend.After tang and Song Dynasties, Moutai gradually became the tributary wine of all dynasties and spread overseas through the Southern Silk Road. This became the beginning of Maotai's journey out of the mountains, and since then it has enjoyed worldwide fame as a tribute to the imperial court.In the Qing Dynasty, Moutai town flourished in the wine industry, and such famous liquors as "Moutai Spring", "Moutai Fire Spring" and "Tongsha Moutai" rose to fame. "Huamu" is the predecessor of Maotai. In the forty-third year of The Reign of Emperor Kangxi (1704), the Ji Sheng Shao House officially named its production Maotai Liquor. According to the "Annals of The Old Zunyi Prefecture" of the Qing Dynasty, during the Daoguang period, "No fewer than twenty houses were burned in Maotai and no less than twenty thousand stones were fed in the mountains." In the twenty-third year of Daoguang reign (1843), Qing Dynasty poet Zheng Zhen praised Moutai for its "wine crown and guizhou country".Before 1949, Moutai wine production was in decline, and there were only three distilleries, namely, "Chengyi Distillery" funded by Hua Surname and called "Huamao"; The "Rong He Wine house" funded by Wang was called "Wang MAO". Lai surname contributive do "heng Xing distillery", say "Lai MAO".In 1951, the government bought, confiscated and took over chengyi (Huamu), Ronghe (Wangmao) and Hengxing (Lai MAO), three private distilleries, and implemented the policy of integrating three maotai distilleries into one -- the state-owned Moutai Distillery was established.

Story or myth

For thousands of years, there were only a dozen families in Moutai village by the Chishui River. A rich family with three big tile-roofed houses stands out prominently on the high ground beside the river. The rest were poor people living in thatched huts by the river. The people who live here have the habit of making wine. In those days, however, the art of making wine was commonplace for rich and poor alike.In the last month of one year, moutai village, which has a mild climate all the year round, had an exceptional heavy snow. The snow was drifting profusely and profusely, from night to dawn, from morning to dusk, without any meaning of stopping. At that moment, in the midst of the snow and wind, a girl in rags, with her head covered and her feet bare, and a stick in her hand, came tumbling down the hill towards Moutai village.When she came to the door of the rich man's house, she saw some busy servants baking in the wine-shop, and stopped. Brother, I feel cold all over. I need to drink some wine to keep warm."The helpers stopped their work and looked at her with pity when they saw that she was as cold as a sieve and her teeth were cracking. A helper picked up an earthen bowl, filled it with wine, and handed it to her. "Drink quickly and go, for the host will come soon."It's a coincidence. Just as the girl took the bowl, the host came out of the room. With a stern look on his face, he quickly grabbed the earthen bowl from the girl's hand and poured the wine in it into the jar, saying fiercely, "Get out of here, don't get off my back!"The girl gave him a contemptuous stare, said nothing, and turned away.She followed the stone path that ran down the hillside to the river, and went on her way to the hut. She stopped under the eaves of a hut. An old man with white beard was using thin strips of bamboo to hoop wine embers in the room, and an old woman was lighting a fire at the door of the stove. The girl went up and said, "Old man, do me a favor."The old man looked up, and seeing a girl in rags standing at the door, he was so pitiful that he said, "It's windy and snowy outside. Come inside!"When the girl entered the house, the old man took her to the door of the stove and told her to make the fire bigger and sit down by the fire. He then went into the room, poured out the rest of the wine, put it in a bowl and handed the girl, "First drink the wine and get warm."The girl did not refuse, but took the wine and drank it down, exclaiming with admiration; Good wine! Good wine!"The old woman washed the POTS and bowls, intending to fry rice for her. The girl got up and stopped, as if she were going. The old man busily say: "it is already dark, outside again cold, where go?"The girl said, "If you have no home, where you go counts."The old woman dropped her brush and came forward and took the girl by the hand. "We are poor people," she said, "but my daughter is gone to her uncle's house. Stay in her house." He led the girl into his daughter's room.After a while, the old woman also went to sleep. The old man with the white beard went on trying to steam the wine. Hoop, imperceptibly according to the wine zhen, groggy into a dream. In a trance, he saw a fairy with a beaded crown on her head, a buttercup butterfly silk jacket, a pleated skirt adorned with jade, a necklace of red gold around her neck, and two red ribbons around her shoulders, swaying gracefully in the midst of the multicolored light. She held a luminous cup in her hand, and poured the nectar into Maotai Village. A clear stream suddenly appeared, pouring down the hillside into the Chishui River. Suddenly, the luminous cup in the fairy's hand disappeared, and she held a stick in her hand. She dipped her stick into the stream between the rich man's three big tiled houses and the thatched hut, and disappeared. Then a familiar voice called from the old man's ear, "Make wine from the water of this stream. Quick, water in!"Startled, the old man with the white beard opened his eyes. It was daylight. He bustled into his daughter's room, and when she was gone, everything went on as before. The gate was closed. Just then his wife got up. "Don't you think so, old man? Last night I dreamed of a fairy..."Without another word, the old man opened the gate and saw the eastern sunrise with a red sun rising. A clear stream appeared at the edge of the village.Excitedly, the old man took a gourd ladle, picked up a bucket, and scooped up a bucket from the stream. He used the water to make wine. A few days later, the wine was made. A taste, the color and aroma are good, is really a wonderful day. The old man brought all the poor brothers together, and when you tasted it and I tasted it, they all exclaimed, "Good wine! Good wine!"Since then, the people of Moutai village have made wine from the water of the stream. Strange to say, the quality of the wine made by the rich became worse and worse, like vinegar. The altars were sour, and soon fell into decay. Poor people make better and better wine; Clear and transparent, fragrant nose, taste sweet back. At this point, the wine industry is booming, many of the great businessmen come here, to buy the wine to sell around.

Flow chart


In 1985, Moutai was awarded the Golden Leaf Award by Bai, The International Food and Tourism Committee of Paris, France.

In 1986, Moutai won the gold medal at the 12th International Food Exposition in Paris, France.

In 1989, Moutai won the gold medal at the first International Exposition in Beijing.

In 1991, Moutai won the gold medal at the second International Exposition in Beijing.

In 1992, Moutai won the gold medal in the 4th International Famous Wine Exposition in Tokyo, Japan.

In 1992, Moutai won the gold medal in the first American International Famous Wine Competition.

In 1992, Moutai won the highest gold award at the Hong Kong International Food Expo.

In 1993, The French Bordeaux International Wine Show, 53°, 43°, 38° Moutai wine was awarded the special honorary award.

In 1994, Moutai won the gold medal at the fifth Asia-Pacific International Trade Fair.

In 1994, Moutai won the first place in the Special Gold Medal in the international wine tasting meeting to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Panama World Expo.



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