Zuicho Sake 300ml

Junmai Ginjo Zuicho Sake
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  • 300
  • 13.5
  • 4.1
    Alcohol Units
  • Sake

  • KOBE, Hyogo Japan

  • Intense Aroma of Rice Malt

  • Clear Rice Malt

  • Sawanotsuru

Products details

  • Water, Rice, Rice malt, Brewing Alcohol
  • Forever
  • FSSC22000
  • Drinking
  • Any time of the year
  • Young people
  • Restaurant
  • Room Temperature
  • Japanese soba, VegetableTempura
  • UK, Japan and Hong Kong
  • KOBE, Hyogo JAPAN


"Sawanotsuru was established in 1717, in Kobe,in the prefecture of Hyogo. Current owner Mr Nishimura is the 15th generation family owner. Originally they were one of largest local ricewholesalers. Since then the production ofsake has become their main business, but as aresult of their history, they still have very strongrelationships with the local rice farmers, ashistory and tradition in Japan can be long-lasting.All of the rice used for Sawanotsuru Sake issourced from local farmers. Kobe was once known as Nada and the regionhas a long history and is famous for the quality oftheir sake. The region around Kobe is still knownas Nada in the ‘sake world’ and is the #1 regionin Japan for the production of sake, producingabout 25% of sake in Japan. Sawanotsuru’s sake making philosophy is toenhance the rice flavor character in their sake. They have many contracted sake specific ricefarmers in Hyogo. The relatively warm climatein an area around Mt. Rokko is a famous regionfor Yamadanishiki sake rice considered the 'Kingof rice'. The temperature difference betweenday and night helps produce very high qualityYamadanishiki sake rice. The water inNada/Kobe is called Miyamizu, and it is hardwater by Japanese standards, full of mineralsand is famous water in the ‘Sake world’. TheNada regional style is dry and has good grip withspiciness. Sawanotsuru’s sake making philosophyworks well with this hard water - full of rice flavorwith a clean dry finish. Their sake is aimed to beconsumed with an array of foods at a variety ofserving temperatures from chilled to warm, so isvery versatile."

Story or myth

"Origins of SawanotsuruThe name ""Sawanotsuru"", meaning ""crane of the swamp"", came from Japanese mythology. Princess Yamatohimenomikoto (倭姫命) moved the shrine of the Sun Goddess to its present location at Ise. On the way back, she came across a white crane in a swamp which held a sheaf of rice in its beak and presented it to the princess as a present.The Princess was moved by the kind gesture of the crane and She then bided the god Isawatominokami (伊佐波登美神) to brew sake from the rice and gave it to the Sun Goddess.Out of appreciation, she christened the crane as Ōtoshinokami(五穀の神=大歳神), the God of Food.The founder of Sawanotsuru heard about the story and liked it a lot. He thus named the company ""SAWANOTSURU""SAWA (沢) – A swamp which provides water for plants and animals to live. Cranes love the swamp where they rest in between travelling long journeys. We hope our sake can enrich a man’s life by having a short rest before they take flight once again."

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