Er Guo Tou(Red Star )500ml

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  • 500
  • 56.0
  • 28.0
    Alcohol Units
  • Distilled liquor

  • Beijing China

  • Aroma fragrance

  • sweet and moist and refreshing

  • Hongxing

Products details

  • Wheat, sorghum, corn
  • forever
  • Thousands of flavor
  • Four season
  • 30-60
  • China Beijing
  • Normal
  • Peanut, Gaobeidian tofu, beef sauce, smashed cucumber, etc
  • UK, US
  • Beijing,China


Erguotou liquor is a traditional Beijing liquor and a common liquor. How did "Erguotou wine" get its name? This has to start with the history of Baijiu brewing in Beijing.The Jin dynasty designated Beijing as the "capital of The Middle kingdom," and came with the introduction of distillers to make soju.By the middle of qing Dynasty, in order to improve the quality of soju, the imperial Soju workshop carried out technological reform. It is called "erguotou" because the wine cooled in the first and third POTS contains a variety of low boiling point and boiling point substances. Therefore, only the wine cooled by the cool water in the second pot is taken out, so it is called "Erguotou". It is a very pure and good wine. It is also the best quality wine.Nowadays, baiwineries all over the country adopt the methods of "pinching the head off the tail" and "taking wine according to the quality" when steaming wine, which follow the principle of "Erguotou" technology. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, erguotou's craft spread all over Beijing and was highly praised by scholars. Wu Yanqi praised li in his poem, "Since ancient times, men have had such a grudge for thousands of years, and so far ganli Erguotou has done such a great job." Compared Erguotou to "Gan Li".

Story or myth

Nineteenth year of the reign of emperor kangxi (1680 AD), the "source" distillery had the technician Zhao Cunren three brothers to pure liquor quality, reforming the process: when steamed wine, will be used as a cooler TianGuo inside for the first time in cold water cooling and the flow of wine called "wine", the third time in tin pan of cool water cooling flow of wine called "feints, put forward to do other processing, just take a second in tin pan of cool water cooling flow of wine, taste the most delicious, referred to as the" spirit erguotou ". In old Beijing it was also known as the "Two laizi".

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