Asahi Beer bots 330ml

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  • 330
  • 5.2
  • 1.7
    Alcohol Units
  • Malt brewing

  • Italy Italy

  • Wheat fragrance

  • Smooth, mellow, fresh and full-bodied wheat flavor

  • Asahi

Products details

  • Barley, water, etc
  • 1 year
  • drinking
  • Summer
  • 20-60 years old
  • All regions
  • Drink after freezing
  • Italy


Asahi Beer Co., Ltd. was founded in 1889. Asahi Beer is one of the most famous beer manufacturers in Japan. Asahi shubole, a new product of Asahi Beer Co., Ltd., was launched in 1987. Its sales performance is booming. By 1998, the sales volume of Asahi shubole has ranked first in Japan and third in the world. The sales volume of draft beer is No.1 in the world In 1994, Asahi Brewery Co., Ltd. officially entered the Chinese market and successively invested in Hangzhou Xihu brewery Asahi (Co., Ltd.), Fujian Quanzhou Qingyuan brewery Asahi Co., Ltd., Yantai brewery Asahi Co., Ltd. and Beijing brewery Asahi Co., Ltd., thus opening the prelude of the development of Asahi Brewery Co., Ltd. in China. In 1999, the company acquired Tsingtao beer in Shenzhen and established the most advanced brewery in China. In August 2000, Asahi Beer (Shanghai) Product Service Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai

Story or myth

Asahi Beer, founded in 1987, is a Japanese beer brand. After more than 100 years of continuous research and development in beer manufacturing technology and beer quality. Asahi Beer is committed to promoting the production of shubole beer all over the world, and has established local production bases for Asahi Beer in Canada, the United States, Britain and other places. Asahi Beer always adheres to the tenet of improving the quality of beer. From every grain of wheat, every drop of water to every hop, Asahi Beer must meet its own strict standards of raw materials. Yeast is carefully selected, the use of high-quality technology and equipment, process through strict control, so that the taste of fresh beer completely retained, with super cool taste. Asahi uses karakuchi yeast, which is developed exclusively by Asahi, together with the unknown unique fermentation technology, to produce a beer that not only has no bitter taste, but also has a little aromatic / spicy taste, as well as the sense of dignity shown by its silver bottle.

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