Osmanthus Wine 750ml

Kuei Hua Chen Chiew
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  • 750
  • 14.0
  • 10.5
    Alcohol Units
  • Fermented fruit wine

  • Zhejiang province China

  • It has a light fragrance of osmanthus

  • Soft and refreshing, moderate sweet and sour

  • Zhengwanli

Products details

  • Grape, Osmanthus,Sugar, Water
  • permanent
  • Drink with a meal
  • Suitable for the whole year
  • Young people and women
  • All regions
  • Room temperature is OK, cold drink is better in summer


In 1956, Beijing winery won the secret recipe of "sweet scented osmanthus aged wine". According to the requirements of the secret recipe, a rare grape variety with sugar content of more than 18 degrees was selected as the raw material, and sweet scented osmanthus was used as the spice. At the same time, the spring water of Yuquan mountain, which was called "the first spring in the world" by Emperor Qianlong, was added. After repeated brewing experiments, the wine, once enjoyed exclusively by the king and Marquis, finally entered the mouth of ordinary people. Take Mao Zedong's famous sentence "Wu Gang holding out sweet scented osmanthus wine" and name it "sweet scented osmanthus wine". When he tasted the wine, Aixinjueluo PuJie immediately wrote a poem: "in August, guining fragrance, crystal amber light, Shaogeng taste of the previous generation, drink and taste together."

Story or myth

Sweet scented osmanthus wine has been brewed in China for more than 3000 years. In the early Qing Dynasty, pan rongbi wrote the book "Jisheng at the age of the emperor's capital", which recorded that his wine "was made in August when the osmanthus flowers were fragrant, and the selected flowers were ready to be released. After entering the jar and sealing for three years, it became a good wine. The wine tastes sweet and mellow, and has the function of appetizing and refreshing...". The ancients believed that osmanthus was the best medicine, so the wine brewed with osmanthus could achieve the effect of "drinking for thousands of years". For example, in the Han Dynasty, osmanthus wine was a good product for people to worship gods and ancestors. After the sacrifice, the younger generation offered osmanthus wine to their elders. After the elders drank it, it symbolized longevity. Sweet scented osmanthus tea can nourish beauty, relieve throat, improve symptoms of phlegm and cough, treat duodenal ulcer, measles, stomach cold, stomachache, halitosis, and unclear vision.

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Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember, but where are those who share the memory?
cowmingtiger_gmail_com: I do hope the Knights of Favonius are all working hard...