Fen Chiew 500 ml

Xinhuacun Fen Jiu
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  • 500
  • 42.0
  • 21.0
    Alcohol Units
  • Distilled liquor

  • Xinghua Village,Shanxi Province China

  • Fragrance pure,Aromas of sweet

  • The first of cotton, sweet mouth, drink after the lingering fragrance, long after tasting

  • Xing hua cun

Products details

  • Barley, Sorghum, Water, Peas
  • Forever
  • Barley koji making, crushing, net weight, cylinder fermentation, distillation wine
  • Drink to entertain
  • All seasons, suitable for friends to dine together
  • 30 to 60 years old
  • Family drinking
  • Warm the wine to 21℃~35℃
  • Peanut, Gaobeidian Tofu, Beef sauce, Smashed cucumber, etc
  • Europe, America, Canada, Australia
  • Xinghua Village, Shanxi Province


Xinghua Village, Fenyang City, Shanxi Province, where the company is located, is the birthplace of Chinese wine and wine culture. Xinghua Village has a long history of wine-making, unique geographical conditions, excellent groundwater resources and unique wine-making microbiota, outstanding people, outstanding land, delicious wine, the history of wine-making can be traced back to at least 3000 years ago in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The advantaged natural geographical conditions, the incomparable traditional brewing technology, and the brand culture concept of excellence have created a fine wine handed down from generation to generation -- Fenjiu.

Story or myth

Fenjiu culture has a long history, is an important branch of Jin Shang culture, and the Yellow River culture in the same line. Fenjiu has been famous for four times in history. As early as 1500 years ago in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Fenjiu became famous as an imperial wine, which was highly praised by Emperor Wicheng of the Northern Qi Dynasty and was recorded in the Twenty-Four History. In the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty were the two heyday periods in the history of Fenjiu brewing. The famous poet Du Mu of the late Tang Dynasty, in the poem "Qingming", said, "Ask where the restaurant is, and the shepherd boy points to the apricot blossom village". In 1915, Fenjiu won the first grade gold medallion at the Panama World Expo and became the supreme wine; In 2007, Fenjiu continued to win the title of National Famous Liquor and Zhuye Green Liquor became China's Famous Brand Product.

Flow chart


In 1915, Fenjiu won a gold medal in Panama World Exhibition



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