What kinds of bottle can keep wine longer and better?

There are three kinds of wine bottles: glass bottle, pottery bottle and porcelain bottle.

Chinese people like ceramic wine bottle most, because the shape of ceramic wine bottle is simple and has the feeling of our traditional Chinese culture. But why do most businesses use glass bottles?

First of all, let's talk about the differences between the three materials

Glass bottle: glass is amorphous, molecular structure is tight, strong sealing. In most environments, the molecular structure will not change.

Ceramic bottle: ceramic is crystal or polycrystalline. The main component is mud, the sealing is relatively weak and fragile. But pottery has the function of breathing gas, which has the effect of raising wine.

Porcelain bottle: porcelain and pottery are of the same origin. The biggest difference between porcelain is that there is a layer of glaze on the surface, which is a layer of material covering the surface of pottery products to make it smooth. If there is glaze, we call it porcelain. In other words, porcelain is the vitrification of pottery.

Therefore, pottery can keep wine. Many distilleries store old wine in pottery jars. Pottery has a great role in promoting the aging of wine. Pottery has the characteristics of breathing air, so the wine stored in the pot can achieve the effect of wine.

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