FAQ About Taiwan Moutai Liquor

Q1 - the difference between Taiwan Moutai and Guizhou Moutai?

Taiwan Moutai liquor and Guizhou Moutai liquor were born from the same root and were brothers to each other. It can be said that Taiwan Moutai is the continuation of Guizhou Moutai.

In 1949, when the Kuomintang government retreated to Taiwan, Chiang Kai Shek took the liquor makers of Guizhou Moutai liquor, including liquor making formula, aged liquor, pit mud, koji making facilities, storage containers, water samples, seeds and surrounding plants, and even dug three feet inside and outside of the liquor brands to transport all the soil to Taiwan. After seven years of investigation and trial, the factory was finally set up in yushanjiao, Jiayi county. The topography, climate and water quality there are very similar to those of Moutai Town in Guizhou. After microbial culture, the original microbial community of Moutai town can survive and reproduce here. Taiwan Moutai was born here.

Q2 – How many Taiwan Moutai wines are in the market?

At present, there are four kinds of Moutai liquor in the world. Strictly speaking, there are only two kinds: New Taiwan Moutai and old Taiwan Moutai. There are two types of aged Taiwan Moutai: one is 80 ml of Taiwan xiaoMoutai, and the other is 345 ml of Taiwan big Moutai. These two kinds of wine belong to our company's patent from wine, bottle, box and related design. At the same time, our company has the global exclusive agency right of this kind of wine.

Q3 - what is the material of Taiwan Moutai bottle?

There are three kinds of wine bottles: glass bottle, pottery bottle and porcelain bottle. Our 80 ml Taiwan small Moutai is in glass bottles, and 345 ml Taiwan big Moutai is in pottery bottles. Because pottery is valuable for wine.

Q4 - why is Taiwan Moutai called XO?

XO's English full name is extra old, and its Chinese translation means Chen Nian. Our Taiwan Moutai is 5 years old, and it is 100% old. The current batch of wine was ordered with Taiwan Tobacco and wine company in 2014 and sold in bottles by the end of 2019.

Q5 - why does a pottery bottle of Taiwan Moutai look like a 500ml bottle, but only contains 345ml of wine?

Yes, our bottle can hold 500 ml of wine.

Here's the thing: since the signing of the agreement with Taijiu in 2014, our company and Taijiu have discussed how to take into account the value of ceramic wine and collection. I hope that if buyers want to treasure our Moutai liquor, the longer it is stored, the more fragrant it will be. Fu, the teacher of Taijiu, used decades of experience and scientific algorithm to calculate the proportion of wine and air in the bottle, and finally reached the best proportion of wine. At that time, the value was 340 ml. We also consider the volatility of wine in storage, and can make people remember better, so we increased 5 ml to 345 ml.


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