Why is Chinese Spirits called "Baijiu"

Baijiu, as the name suggests, is named after its colorless transparent liquid.

In fact, before the founding of new China, there was no uniform baijiu. In the past, Chinese Baijiu was also called "wine", "white wine" and "sorghum wine".

Shaojiu - it is the liquor produced by heating and distilling the fermented raw materials. It has high alcohol content, strong taste and can be ignited.

White dry wine - because it is never watered in brewing.

Sorghum wine is mainly named after Baijiu raw materials. Some of the wine made from sorghum is called sorghum wine.

After the founding of new China, the name of Baijiu was replaced by the name of liquor, white wine or sorghum wine formerly used.

Then what is the name of Baijiu to be used in liquor? Because the word "white" contains heaven and earth!

Chinese culture is broad and profound, a simple "white" word, also contains rich connotation. As a creative technique of traditional Chinese painting in China, "white drawing" refers to the painting method of using ink lines to describe the image without modifying and rendering. Although the line of "white line drawing" is simple and the color is single, the pictures usually show great spirit and texture, and at the same time, they are simple, concise, fluent and vivid.

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