Please give Chinese Yellow Wine a change

Yellow rice wine originated in China and only exists in China. As early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties thousands of years ago, our ancestors first created the compound fermentation method of distiller's yeast, and began to brew a large number of yellow rice wine.

In ancient costume films, we often hear top-quality wine, ten years of flower carving, twenty years of Shaoxing old wine, thirty years of daughter red wine, etc. These are all rice wine worthy of our pride. Li Bai, the poet immortal of drunkard, and Du Fu's yellow rice wine made immortal poems. In the period of the Republic of China, Shaoxing wine was once a national wine for foreign guests because Lao Jiang was from Zhejiang. For thousands of years, it is not too much to say that yellow rice wine is the quintessence of our Chinese nation, is it?

How now reduced to give everyone the impression that yellow rice wine is only kitchen wine? Most people don't know that yellow rice wine tastes elegant and delicate between 38 and 42 degrees. It's full-bodied and has a long aftertaste. It's said that Guan Yu was worried that the yellow rice wine would be too cold to drink, so he created the classic drama of killing Huaxiong with a cup of wine.

Nowadays, most people only know the benefits of drinking French and Australian wine, but they don't know that yellow rice wine is rich in nutrition and contains 21 kinds of amino acids, including several unknown amino acids. However, the human body can't synthesize them by itself and must rely on food intake. Yellow rice wine has all eight kinds of essential amino acids, so it is known as "liquid cake". Its nutritional value exceeds that of beer and nutritious wine.

Modern Chinese history is a history of humiliation full of disasters, backwardness and being beaten. However, we are only backward in military and political systems, which eventually leads to economic backwardness. The 5000 year civilization of the Chinese nation is not backward, and the Chinese civilization is the only one without cultural fault. Throughout world history, China has been a powerful country for nearly 2000 years from Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty to Emperor Qianlong. We should not over interpret the Westernization Movement in the late Qing Dynasty and the May 4th Movement in the Republic of China, and overthrow everything accumulated by our ancestors.

I'm a wine seller. I'd like to do my best to promote the culture of yellow rice wine, hoping to make it back to our table. Therefore, to release all the profits of yellow rice wine, please give yellow rice wine a chance.


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