7 Reasons for drinking Chinese Yellow Wines

Chinese Yellow Wine (Rice wine) is rich in nutrition, known as "liquid cake". Its nutritional value exceeds that of beer and nutritious wine.

1. Rich in amino acids: in addition to ethanol and water, the main components of rice wine also contain 18 kinds of amino acids, of which 8 kinds are essential and cannot be synthesized by human body. The content of these eight amino acids in yellow rice wine is several times more than that in beer and wine.

2. Easy to digest: yellow rice wine contains many nutrients that are easy to digest by human body, such as dextrin, maltose, glucose, lipids, glycerol, higher alcohols, vitamins and organic acids. After storage, these components eventually make rice wine a low alcohol drink with high nutritional value.

3. Shujin Huoxue: the smell of yellow rice wine is bitter, sweet and pungent. Drinking yellow rice wine in winter can promote blood circulation and dispel cold, activate channels and collaterals, effectively resist cold stimulation and prevent colds. Moderate amount of regular drinking can help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and nourish blood and beauty.

4. Beauty and anti-aging: yellow rice wine is a good source of vitamin B, rich in vitamin B1, B2, niacin and vitamin E. long term drinking is conducive to beauty and anti-aging.

5. Promoting appetite: zinc is an important component of energy metabolism and protein synthesis. When zinc deficiency occurs, appetite, taste and sexual function will decrease. However, there is a lot of zinc in yellow rice wine, such as 0.85 mg of zinc per 100 ml Shaoxing Yuanhong yellow rice wine. Therefore, drinking yellow rice wine can promote appetite.

6. Protect the heart: yellow rice wine contains many trace elements. For example, the magnesium content per 100 ml is 20-30 mg, 10 times higher than that of white wine and 5 times higher than that of red wine; the selenium content per 100 ml of Shaoxing Yuanhong yellow rice wine and Jiafan wine is 1-1.2 μ g, 20 times higher than that of white wine and 12 times higher than that of red wine. In cardiovascular disease, these trace elements have the effect of preventing blood pressure rise and thrombosis. Therefore, drinking rice wine in an appropriate amount can protect the heart.

7. Ideal medication: compared with Baijiu and beer, yellow wine is moderate alcohol, and it is an ideal drug. Although Baijiu has a better dissolution effect on Chinese medicine, it has a greater incentive to drink. Beer has too low alcohol content, which is not conducive to the dissolution of effective components of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, yellow rice wine is also an important auxiliary raw material for traditional Chinese medicine ointment, pill, pill and powder. In traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, Chinese herbal medicine is often soaked, boiled, steamed and roasted with yellow rice wine, or pills and all kinds of medicinal wine are prepared. According to statistics, more than 70 kinds of medicinal wine need yellow rice wine as wine base.

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