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Where is our ' Fortune' Brand comes from?

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During the period of the Republic of China, the Wu family set up Fengzeyuan Fan-jo in Beijing, Cuihualou Hotel and Fengzelou Hotel in Shanghai. These restaurants were among the most exclusive in China at the time, with famous chefs, many of whom came from the private chefs of the imperial family during the Manchu period. Famous wines from all over the world are sold in the hotel, including Sawakuru sake from Japan, English whisky, French brandy, and of course, Shaoxing old wine, our national wine at that time. Actually that time, Japanese, Korean and other foreigners like to drink Chinese yellow wine very much, Chiang Kai-shek is to take Shaoxing old wine to entertain guests on the state banquet. 

In the 35th year of the Republic of China, Pu Xinyu, a member of the imperial family of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, visited Fengzheyuan Fan-zhuo in Beijing, where he wrote an inscription of "Fu zhuo", which tasted the flavor and flavor of old Shaoxing wine. From then on, the Wu family changed all the products supplied by the hotel into the Fu brand, such as the Fu brand Shaoxing old wine, the Fu brand carved wine, the Fu brand yellow wine, the Fu brand chopsticks, the Fu brand bowls and so on, and started the brand experience and concept in the early days of China.

Later, due to political turmoil and regime change, his descendants settled in the United Kingdom and bought Cathay Pacific Trading Co., Ltd., which was established in 1973, in the 1980s. Reform and opening up in the early 1980s, Mr. Wu took advantage of the return to China to search for his roots, found the production of Shaoxing brand old wine manufacturers, successfully signed a cooperation agreement. The first batch of Shaoxing old wine under the Fuzi brand entered the British market in 1983.


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