The health function of Shaohsing chiew

Shaoxing wine can not only be made into various high-quality medicinal wines, but also has direct medicinal effects. Ancient medical scholars attached great importance to the medical function of wine. The Essentials of Health Preservation said: “Drinks by dividing the medicines, promoting harmony, eliminating evil but cold.” “Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Drink less wine” It harmonizes the blood and promotes the qi, strengthens the spirit and protects against the cold", "opens depression and eliminates deposition, clears choking and dissipates phlegm to drink, treats malaria and relieves cold pain." "Suishiju Diet Spectrum" said: wine "eliminate cold accumulation, Protects against wind and cold, removes the evil of dampness, and relieves the smell of fish." These theories have certain scientific principles.

Drinking mild Shaoxing wine can be appetizing. Because the alcohol, organic acids, vitamins and other substances in Shaoxing wine have appetizing functions, they can stimulate and promote the secretion of human glands, increase saliva in the mouth, gastric juice in the stomach pouch and moisturize the nasal cavity. In this way, it is possible to increase the appetite, and can maintain a long time. In daily life, people often have this experience, while drinking alcohol, their appetite will not decrease for several hours; eating only vegetables, not drinking, appetite will disappear faster.


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