Story of Taiwan Shaohsing chiew

Shaoxing wine was once their glory and was once known as the "national wine". In the era of the two Presidents Jiang, they were always designated as the fine wine for foreign guests at state banquets. The Chinese people like to treat guests with Shaoxing wine when celebrating banquets. They think this is the way to entertain guests, and the guests also have it A joy and glory to be regarded as a guest of honor.

 In 1949, the National Government moved to Taiwan. The new rulers such as Jiang Zhongzheng, Jiang Jingguo, Yu Guohua and others were all from Zhejiang. In addition, most of the millions of soldiers and civilians who retreated to Taiwan were their children and their families, and they were homesick. As a result, Shaoxing wine has become an indispensable comfort in the drinking habits of these important officials.

Although the wine factory of the Taiwan Monopoly Bureau produced Shaoxing wine during the Japanese Occupation (1929), the equipment was destroyed by the war and Japanese technicians were repatriated. As a result, the brewing method of Taiwan Shaoxing wine was lost. Initially, the Public Sales Bureau started trial production of Shaoxing wine in Banqiao Winery, but there has been no progress. Later, the brothers Zhou Jingshan and Zhou Bingwen, who were originally from Shaoxing, Zhejiang, came to Puli under the sudden changes of the times, and entered the Puli winery to develop Shaoxing wine, and they began to make breakthroughs.

The Zhou family is a big wine merchant in Shaoxing, and often invites the master brewer to make wine in the family wine shop. The Zhou brothers have been familiar with the brewing methods of Shaoxing wine since they were young, and they successfully developed Shaoxing wine in 1952. However, although the two understand methods but lack practical skills, the quality of Shaoxing wine is not very stable. In 1955, the residents of Dachen Island also retreated to Taiwan. Some of them were resettled to Puli. Among them, Zhang Jinyu and other wine masters joined the winemaking work. As a result, the brewing technology of Shaoxing wine became more mature and the flavor was better. In 1956, Shaoxing wine was finally made available. Mass production


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