Our History

    In the 1940s and 1950s, Japanese sake sprung up on the land of China and became popular. For example, Beijing Fengzeyuan Fanso, Cuihualou Hotel and Shanghai Fengzelou Hotel, all of which sell sake, and also rice Both the steaming of Soo and the stir-frying of the restaurant are the first to add old wine to cooking, and both are loved and praised by Chinese and foreign diners. At the same time, the social elite of the catering industry established the first Chinese Food and Beverage Association in Fortress Garden, and because Mr. Youren mentioned the "Beijing Cuisine Research Society" whose purpose is to explore the culture of restaurants in Greater China and Chinese wine, Japanese sake, French wine and Scotland The best combination of whiskey and Chinese food. Later, the dailies settled in the United Kingdom. In the 1980s, he bought Cathay Trading Co., Ltd., which was established in 1973, and began importing and selling oriental wines. It has formed a strong transportation team using geographical advantages. London and surrounding areas provide fast and high-quality home delivery services, now extending to the British Isles and inland Europe.

     In the 1980s, we took the lead in importing old Chinese wines. Thanks to major Chinese supermarkets, many Chinese restaurants, and Japanese and Korean commercial houses, we have not abandoned it. It has been sold to this day. This is our "Fu" brand genuine old wine. The origin of the word "Fu" is that Mr. Pu Xinshe proposed the word for Fengzeyuan Fanshou.

     In the 1990s, we signed an agreement with Japan's Sawa no Tsuru Co., Ltd. to exclusively represent its special brewing brand for the British market. So far, it is "Sawa no Tsuru" sake. Fortunately, the Chinese and Western friends care and show love. It went smoothly and entered most Chinese shopping and restaurants, as well as Waitrose and Sainsbury's, etc., and received praise and praise. Sawa no Tsuru created the most prestigious brand of all Japanese sake brands in the UK.

During the same period, we introduced the "Golden Star Brand Rose Wine" brewed by Tianjin Yijuyong Co., Ltd. to supply the roast meat industry. In the same period, we introduced Singapore Tiger Beer, which is also a successful case.

     At the beginning of this century, the company has deepened its cooperation with Taiwanese wines, from a single sales relationship in the past to a mutual trust and cooperation relationship. The authentic Taiwanese wines are favored by consumers, and their sales have surged, and they have been honored. The global exclusive agent of "Aged Moutai XO" still hopes to learn about the old and the rain. After drinking, we are fortunate to be deeply responsible. We are very grateful. Also at the beginning of this century, we signed an agreement with Beijing Red Star Erguotou and won the British distributor. This year we have signed an agreement with Beijing Niulanshan Erguotou, and we are honored to be the sole agent in the UK.

A series of successful distribution has enabled the company to continue to grow and develop, and further narrowed the distance between us and wine lovers. We are also actively formulating new investment plans to introduce more fine wines into the UK.

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