Chinese Spirits changes its name to“Chinese Baijiu”

China Chinese Baijiu Association issued a news report that the China Liquor Association formally submitted to the Customs General Administration in April 25, 2020 that it had changed its English name from the original "Chinese distilled spirits" to "Chinese Baijiu" in the customs catalogue. In April..

Please give Chinese Yellow Wine a change

Yellow rice wine originated in China and only exists in China. As early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties thousands of years ago, our ancestors first created the compound fermentation method of distiller's yeast, and began to brew a large number of yellow rice wine.In ancient costume films, we oft..

Why callled Chinese Yellow Wine

The origin of the name of Chinese Yellow Wine (Rice Wine) as the name suggests, is yellow wine. So some people translate the name of yellow rice wine into "yellow wine". But yellow wine is not always yellow. In ancient times, when the filtration technology of wine was not mature, the wine was cloudy..

Why is Chinese Spirits called "Baijiu"

Baijiu, as the name suggests, is named after its colorless transparent liquid.In fact, before the founding of new China, there was no uniform baijiu. In the past, Chinese Baijiu was also called "wine", "white wine" and "sorghum wine".Shaojiu - it is the liquor produced by heating and distilling the ..

7 Reasons for drinking Chinese Yellow Wines

Chinese Yellow Wine (Rice wine) is rich in nutrition, known as "liquid cake". Its nutritional value exceeds that of beer and nutritious wine.1. Rich in amino acids: in addition to ethanol and water, the main components of rice wine also contain 18 kinds of amino acids, of which 8 kinds are essential..

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